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Our extended Services

We extend our constntacy services inclusive of below packanges

  • 1 Prefabrication of Precast Elements
  • 2 Precast Production Factory
  • 3 Precast Fisnihing/Assmeblying Factory
  • 4 Batchining Plant
  • 5 Pallet Circulation/ Carausel System
  • 6 Storage racks
  • 7 Automation
  • 8 Mould venders & Mould Fabrication

Design Support

  • PE design/ Drawings/ Calculation

Drafting support

  • BIM modelling, Tekla, Revit, Planbar & Auticad

Project Management

  • Technical support during tender, Technical Support during design and conceptualization, Post tender coordination, Project Coordination, Production coordination, QAQC documentation.

QAQC Management

  • Standard operating procedurs, Project Quality Plans, Project QAQC documents, Method of Statements

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Our Services

We have provided our clients with cost effective and innovative alternate design and build solutions in implementing precast concrete products and systems on their precast construction projects.  Our involvement in proposing and implementing Total Precast solutions have saved clients time and manpower and ultimately saving the cost. We have assisted our clients in management of structural design, detailing and shop drawings as well as technical coordination for the precast construction projects.

Our services also include,

  • Precast concrete concept design proposals
  • Alternate design solutions involving use of precast products instead or along with other building materials and implement new precast systems wherever viable.
  • Precast elements design detailing and shop drawings
  • Precast connection design and detailing
  • BIM Modelling and CAD engineering

Our Services

Precast Guidelines

Who we are

We are a multiservice precast engineering, consulting and management firm. We specialize in precast engineering, construction and plant setup. We provide cost effective solutions to precast buildings and structures through creative and inventive products, designs, processes, and techniques

What we do

We promote precast technology. We commit to making our services benefitting client in every aspect of building and infrastructure construction involving precast components through our precast engineering expertise, value engineering techniques and deep understanding of construction products and project life cycle. We deliver dependability and confidence


We have assisted our clients in scheduling and planning big precast construction projects along with project supervision and inspection of precast works on site.  Our expertise have saved client valuable time due to apt decision making regarding critical site issues pertaining to precast construction.  Our involvement in project and technical coordination has given client a comfort level in project execution.

Our services also include,

  • Precast factory management and erection management
  • Site supervision and inspections of precast works
  • Precast works and construction schemes /plans
  • QA/QC services of precast works
  • Design and Build’ Precast Project Consulting
  • Client representative
  • Recruitment of specialized manpower for precast factories and sites.
  • Review and checking of precast designs and shop drawings
  • Sales and Marketing of precast construction projects and products

We have assisted clients in establishing automated, semi-automated, on-site, temporary, mobile and prestressed precast production facilities.  So far we have been successful in providing consultancy for 15 such setups in Middle East and India.  Our valuable input and meticulous planning have saved clients lot of money for such setups in terms of manpower and materials.  Our thorough understanding of precast concrete equipments and work process has given us cutting edge in establishing economical yet efficient plants.

Our services also include,

  • Precast Prestressing facility setup including design of beds, sourcing suppliers, and equipment and trial production.
  • Precast production management
  • Supervision and inspections of works during Factory/Plant setup
  • Liaising with precast equipment suppliers
  • Technical guidance and support

We have carried out various feasibilities studies pertaining to precast concrete plant setups and assisted our clients in cost and estimation of precast concrete projects during tender stage as well as execution stage.

Our services include,

  • Study precast concept drawings received from client and understand project requirements and specifications
  • Work out quantities of precast elements in terms of numbers, cubic meter and area
  • Propose tentative production facility plot area required as per production capacity which includes areas for production,storage,concrete mixing (if required),moulds,workshops,stores / office and circulation
  • Work out and propose efficient product system in terms of production process and equipments to achieve daily production target set by client
  • Work out the production facility setup cost in terms of following
  • Capital cost which includes cost related to production and storage areas, common structures, miscellaneous structures, production equipments,erection equipments, transport and storage equipments and common workshop equipments
  • Direct cost of precast structure (if required) which will include costs of raw materials, consumables, accessories, insulation, moulds, manpower and grouting etc.
  • PMC and engineering cost
  • Contingencies and wastage
  • Running cost
  • Work out and propose efficient combination of equipments to achieve proposed production target and project budget and program
  • Propose alternate ideas (if any) on the precast layout provided which helps in reducing overall cost of project
  • Workout manpower requirement for the setup
  • Work out and proposed tentative precast facility setup works activities and program

Our understanding of various precast concrete products and their manufacturing technique helped us in providing out-of-box design and detailing of precast moulds and shuttering systems for the same. Our designs of the moulds and shuttering ensures easier and efficient production.Our goal is to design moulds which can produce high quality precast concrete elements for intended repetitions thus providing value to clients’ money .Our designed precast moulds can be operated and handled with minimum labour and time.

Our services include,

  • Precast elements mould scheme and designs
  • Precast element mould detailing and fabrication drawings
  • Supervision during fabrication and installation
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