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  • faster than traditional construction.
  • allow for simultaneous activities.


  • each unit is cast monolithic.
  • earthquake resistance due to box structure.  


  • Can be tailored for repetitive structures and can employ for large scale project.


  • Materials are controlled in the factory and reduce wastages.
  • Adoption of DFMA for the manufacturing process.
  • With concrete structure yield longer lifespan, less maintenance and lower overall cost.


  • Less wastage due to factory production.
  • Higher durability from concrete performance.
  • Adoption of green materials and concept.
  • Lesser environment pollution

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Our Services

High in Productivity

  • Production and finishing/fit-up of the modules are done in control averment. 
  • Reduction in manpower, material handling etc. 
  • Less dependent on tower cranes 
  • Reduction in number of precast components & moulds 
  • Wet joints are reduced 
  • Shorter floor to floor cycle time and entire construction period

We are a team of experts to provide you with consultancy services on your industrial or residential projects to bring them unique to the construction world with the current trends of construction technologies. Our expertise to guide/provide consultancy service along the adoption of Precast technology, Modular Construction Technology, and DfMA/PPVC Technology to the project, with all aspects to stand with the team throughout the successful completion of the project. Areas of our expertise are in,

  • Modular Construction Projects. (With(recommended) and without offsite finishing works)
  • Projects with Conventional Precast incorporation.

High in Quality control and Safety Measures

  • PPVC Modular works are done off site in control environment. 
  • Reduces the current Precast Joints more than 50% 
  • Cast-in M&E ducting works 
  • Minimize on-site finishing works 
  • Better water tightness and quality finish 
  • Improvement in safety aspects 
  • Reduction of noise and dust pollution

We shall stay with you as a member of the project management  team, as an independent adviser, towards the project completion from the beginning to end, but not limited as

  • Providing advice on setting up and defining the project.
  • Providing advice on Defining the project clarification and requirements against the Approving Constriction Authorities and other Governments Agents.
  • Advising and coordinating the design in accordance with the Precast adoption.
  • Participate in construction concepts, production information, and tender documentation.
  • Relevant advice on Contract administration for the adoption of concepts.
  • Inspecting the work of contractors, pre-casters, and other suppliers.
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