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Offsite construction, also known as precast construction is not a new concept, but the Modular Precast Construction, is one that has seen resurgence in recent years. This new-found popularity is attributable to rising affordable housing needs and demand for sustainable building. Offsite construction alleviates the many problems associated with traditional ‘onsite’ methods. By moving a large proportion of the work from a messy, exposed open-air setting with limited working hours into a safe, controlled indoor factory setting with 24/7 production uptime potential, modular construction offers several benefits in the form of shorter building time, lower costs, and improved working environment.

However, there still are a few clients, contractors and pre-casters are hesitant to adopt this new approach. It is mainly due to a degree of apprehension and the perceived risks of using unfamiliar methods of building. In such scenarios, hiring Prefabconcept Development Consultancy to offer a confluence of planning, design, and construction services ensures the quality as well as the structural integrity of a building. We can help developer, contractor and pre-caster to tailor a plan for their specific modular project needs; from establishing scope and viability through budget and schedule along with requirements of process implementation and ongoing evaluation. From concept to closeout, we help develop a plan one a can effectively build on.

Considering this, Prefabconcept Development Consultancy to guide contractors and builders in harnessing the power of modular construction technologies to tackle today’s building challenges, reduce workload, and increase efficiencies, while simultaneously ensuring the safety of their people.

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